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Usually, the team members gather every day to discuss their tasks and report their achievements. Custom software solutions need a specific approach towards their realization and more attention to detail than in the case of ready-made software. Hence, it is vital to design an elaborate architectural structure that best fits the needs of the definite project both visually and technically.

They need to keep an eye open on what is happening in the software market. As a product manager, you need to keep the team and your decisions centered on facts. Decisions taken based on the facts might be fruitful to the business. Moreover, hiring someone that owns moderate to low skills in the specific technology might cause a delay in the project as you have to give them training.


With a proper custom software solution, it is possible to optimize time and money investments in the business and simultaneously increase ROI. Every business has its own specific peculiarities and needs that off-the-shelf software can not always meet. This is the case when custom software development would be a wise choice. Large enterprises, SMBs, and startups — all can benefit from the customized approach to development.

custom software development process

When the developer finishes every task, they test it locally, according to what was written in the AC . In brief, AC is the final vision of how the application should work. Reports on the time spent and regular communication with the client are obligatory parts of our iterative approach. When a developer has done some task from a ticket, they transfer the code to Gitlab to the repository. Here comes the process of checking the code for compliance with syntactic norms. After the design is ready and the developers have implemented it, QAs check everything.

How do we match bespoke solutions to an organization’s development scale?

The tech stack is also important if you plan to develop a cross-platform app. That’s because the programming languages needed are different from a native app project. When shortlisting a potential external development team, the first thing you should consider is their portfolio page. Software with innovative features, proprietary algorithms, multiple screens, and high-security risks is harder to develop—and therefore costs more. It might be hard to believe, but a thousand-dollar custom software can be cheaper in the long run than a $10 per month SaaS service or a $60 commercial software. As your business grows, you’ll realize that integration is the best way to make everything run smoothly.

The more unique and complicated features the software has, the higher the cost. This blog post provides a essential tool to help you find the perfect technical questions for your interview. You should also find out whether maintenance of the software is implied or offered through custom software development definition the service provider. Documentation is pretty much a universal best practice in every field. Each stage of the process should be recorded in detail from testing to deployment and beyond. You can then brainstorm with a dedicated team solutions to the problem you’ve just identified.

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During this stage, the whole development team must take the time to get to know the company that will use the software. Once the requirements are fully understood, the software architects, graphic designers, and developers begin to design the software itself. Design plays a huge factor in the success of a software product, especially if it is a web or mobile application. The look and feel will decide just how much people enjoy actually using the finished product. Off-the-shelf software is a commercial product built in a generic manner to satisfy the needs of the masses rather than the individual. These products, such as Microsoft’s Word, PowerPoint, and Excel programs, were developed for a wide range of users and uses.

  • With the help of prototypes, designers show the primary pages of the future software.
  • But if you haven’t understood the enterprise’s needs then it can create turmoil in existing business processes and a huge loss.
  • Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions or organizations.
  • Moreover, hiring someone that owns moderate to low skills in the specific technology might cause a delay in the project as you have to give them training.
  • For example, look at the best project management software, the best time and attendance software, and the best accounting software.
  • It’s pretty challenging for product managers to listen patiently and take immediate action.

Firm A should ensure that this process continues until the quality of the given solution matches the original requirements. Since the primary stakeholders are those employed at the site, they must be involved to point out features and functionalities that could be improved upon, etc. The core application itself needs to be checked out for function, text input, and localized machine installation.

Your outside salespeople and offsite employees need secure access to data.

So, they do not violate the principles of product creation and clearly know what needs to be done. Many times customers have to disclose business secrets to the custom software development agency while providing business requirements. To elaborate, a Software/Project development agreement is a contract between two parties- One and the Second . This agreement is bound by certain rules to provide assistance, support, and maintenance facilities during the whole project development. This business process can vary depending on the technology chosen and the team employed.

custom software development process

Communication is critical during the design phase and no detail is too small to mention. The analysis stage of the custom software development process is also critical to ensure that a product is created which produces a return on investment. During this stage, developers spend time learning about the organization’s business processes, challenges, IT infrastructure and goals. When onboarding an outsourcing custom software development company, you can establish and streamline business processes.

How Can SaM Solutions Help You with Custom Software Development?

Below we will consider them because they are compared among themselves more often than other methodologies. Being a full-cycle software development company, we support your web solutions on an ongoing basis. We build wireframes, mockups, and user interfaces for future software solutions for our clients according to the intended audience. At this stage, we develop a user journey and build intuitive software that end-users will like. With timely updates, support, and maintenance processes, all the software applications of the business have now become multi-functional, high-performing, and robust architecture.

custom software development process

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